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We are a young technology company working on solving urban congestion by promoting and connecting shared mobility services. Our Urban Miles program provides mobility providers and urban brands with the most advanced loyalty platform to incentivize the use of shared mobility services and ultimately making transitioning from car ownership to shared services more easily for urban travelers. One of our key areas of expertise is to handle sensitive multi-modal transportation data in a secure and privacy preserving way.
Create value for our customers
We work to understand our customers' needs and create value for them - everything else comes second.
Always think like a CEO
We are all owners of our work and maximize the output of the company.
Do the right thing
We deal with highly sensitive data. We deal with real users in the real world. We do the right thing.
Make the company better everyday
We voice concerns immediately, deliver superior results, and thankfully receive and implement feedback.
We are a team of mobility enthusiasts with backgrounds from Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, TUM, Uber, BMW, McKinsey ... We are proud of our amazing team of product, mobile, web and AI experts enabling us to develop and improve the next level of shared mobility experience. We are headquartered in San Francisco and Munich, with a strong footprint in the US and European market.
Francesco Wiedemann
I love to build products that actually improve people's’ quality of life. Shared mobility, for me, is more than a mode of transportation.
Francesco Wiedemann
Francesco holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from Technische Universität München and used to work as a Product Manager for BMW Mobility Services. He launched the world’s first multi-modal subscription service combining carsharing and ridehailing. Francesco holds the guiness world record for the longest MTB wheelie, he enjoys cooking and sailing.
Nikolaus Volk
At UMI, we let data guide us and technology support us in everything we do. We are building the world’s best possible privacy-compliant rewards platform for mobility.
Nikolaus Volk
Nikolaus holds an Engineering M.Sc. from Stanford University. He used to work as a Machine Learning Engineer for Uber developing machine learning applications on top of sensor data from millions of drivers and riders around the world. He holds multiple patents in the shared mobility sensing space and invented new deep learning architectures at Uber. Nikolaus is a passionate mountaineer, climber, surfer and spearfisher man.
Ludwig Schönack
Business Development
I love changing the way people move around cities and creating win-win-win situations for our users, customers and partners. Also, as consultant by training - I love my miles!
Ludwig Schönack
Ludwig holds an MBA from Berkeley Haas and a BSc from University of St. Gallen. He worked for McKinsey&Company in Germany and helped Tier 1 car manufacturers navigate the rapidly changing mobility ecosystem. His passion is to define the future of transportation and implement unconventional strategies for UrbanMiles to grow. Ludwig enjoys cooking, outdoor sports and travelling the world - preferably on miles.
We have a team of software engineers, web developers, marketing and growth experts excited to solve traffic. If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch with us at [email protected]
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