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Urban Miles for transportation providers
Increase your revenue with new and existing users.
The UrbanMiles platform provides the most advanced loyalty intelligence for mobility providers and urban brands to reward and engage their customers.
Acquire new users
Retain and engage existing users
Understand multi-provider and multi-modal mobility patterns
Best in class loyalty intelligence for transportation
Privacy compliance from day 1
Reward partner network, cutting edge payment integrations & UMI4Business
Available for brand partnerships and whitelabel API & SDK
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Urban Miles for travel & benefits departments
Unlocking shared mobility for employees
As part of our UrbanMiles platform we are offering enterprise solutions addressing the needs of millions of commuters, business travelers and travel managers. Simply spoken, we make handling shared mobility easy and accessible for your employees.
Attract and retain top talent by offering a true company car alternative
Smart commute solutions optimized for you and your employees' tax returns
Hassle free setup in minutes
Ground travel expensing & travel management integrations
Privacy compliance from day 1
Reward & mobility partner network, cutting-edge payment integrations
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